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Weed suppressant membrane 1 x 14m

Weed suppressant membrane 1 x 14m



​Price incl. VAT, plus  LOCAL delivery (Ecludes sleepres additional chrages apply)

Controls weeds-

Aids drainage -

Allows air and water through  

whereby allowing nutrients and water into the ground below- reduces maintenance

Advantages:- Lightweight and easy to cut- Covers 1 bulk bag- (1m x14m) Just the right amount no waste!-

Does not fray along cut edges- Very porous, allowing water to reach plant roots-


This discounted price is only available when collected


Product Note Status Price
Welsh naturale 20mm Welsh naturale 20mm
£59.00 *
Slate Natural Blue 40mm collected Slate Natural Blue 40mm collected
£65.00 *
Slate Blue Natural 20mm Slate Blue Natural 20mm
£85.00 *
Pink Granite 20mm Pink Granite 20mm
£90.00 *
Prices incl. VAT, plus LOCAL delivery
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