Landscaping and building materials Loweroak, Wrexham Chester wirral and north wales discounted Top soil gravel, slate, paving, sand and stone. Delivery in grab lorry or tipper or bulk bags

1 bulk bag of top soil ideal for all your planting needs.   Delivered direct to your door

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Landscaping sometimes requires a basic grass seed mixture for non prestigious areas. For those of us who want a durable lawn, saving the extra pennies for the garden furniture. Ideal for childrens play areas, dog runs and high wear lawns

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New oak sleepers, ideal for raised beds, benches and internal use. Please call for delivery options.  Sleepers not included in normal delivery options, please choose sleepers option for delivery local only

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For larger projects - 5 bags or more SOIL SAVER -1 bulk bag of the finest top soil ideal for all your planting needs. Organic and humus Rich fertile soil no need to add additional nutrients for the 1st year. BS certified, We use it & we love it, we hope you do too

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can be shipped within 15 days