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Cement Mastercrete



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An enhanced cement, supplied in weather resistant plastic packaging. Mastercrete is available in two formulations (CEM I and CEM II), both formulations having the same performance specification. Both CEM I and CEM II formulations are enhanced cements which comply with the requirements of BS EN 197-1 Portland cement CEM I 32,5R and Portland-limestone cement CEM II/A-LL 32,5R respectively. It has the following benefits compared with ordinary Portland cement: enhanced resistance to freeze/thaw attack. lower water demand. a more cohesive mix. less tendency for water to segregate and bleed. Mastercrete is a quality assured cement with independent third party certification and carries a CE Mark. Mastercrete is available in waterproof and tear resistant plastic packaging


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Building sand Building sand
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Building sand Loose load Building sand Loose load
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