Landscaping and building materials Loweroak, Wrexham Chester wirral and north wales discounted Top soil gravel, slate, paving, sand and stone. Delivery in grab lorry or tipper or bulk bags

Type 1 MOT /Crush Run collect



​Delivery local  £2. Nationwide £21

Size The limestone is available in a range of sizes to suit your landscaping project: 0/40mm - Most popular choice for base courses, also known as 40mm to dust.

0/20mm, this is ideal for paths and driveways as the gravel interlocks

Quantity How much you need will depend on the depth of the slate and effect you are wishing to create. However, as a guide please allow 1 bulk bag for every 15m2 (at a depth of 50mm)

Your eco bulk bag will hold aprox 850kg/ 0.6m3 , saving you extra money

Weed suppressant Although Welsh limestone will act as a weed suppressant, it is advisable to lay a special membrane under your slate, this allows the water to drain away and keep the weeds away. This can be added to your order and is sold per m2, allowing you to only Buy what you need, no waste!

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