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Coloured wood ground effects

Coloured wood ground effects



​Delivery local  £2. Nationwide £21

Recommended depth 50 mm***1 bag holds aprox 0.75m3, covers 20 m2*** Ground effects Benefits*** Visually attractive *** Prevents weed growth, yet retains moisture in dry periods *** Child & pet friendly *** Prevents paths and other areas of heavy traffic becoming muddy*** Cost effective, light & quick to install*** Eases buggy or wheelchair access *** Good adhesion on sloped areas, chip does not lift in high winds *** Allows mowing up to the edge of pathways *** Colours can be used to emphasise landscape foliage *** Attractive ground cover in heavy traffic areas*** Low noise pathway which is soft underfoot *** Pathways - "Follow the yellow chip road" *** Colours- Terracotta, Bark Brown, Gold, Olive Green, Midnight Blue, Plum
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