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Tree pit soil



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To ensure you peace of mind our organic rich fertile soil is produced by one of the UK finest soil scientists. Therefore this ensures the soil is 99% suitable for your projects. We have combined a leading soil laboratory with Loweroak's flexible reliable service to deliver the finest tree pit soil you will find.

The main cause of tree death in the first 12 months after planting is the lack of air to the roots. Additionally limited root growth can cause the tree to fail due to soil compactation, we can also provide a soil/aggregate mix to ensure the surrounding soil is ready for the trees roots.

Why use the tree soil?

  • This manufactured tree planting soil offers more land stability
  • Better drainage, than standard soils 
  •  Improves access of water and oxygen to the root system.
  • High organic matter providing  the nutrients for the tree to thrive.

Our sands are  used by professional landscaping consultants. Supplied to prestige projects through out the UK, Eden Project, Millenium Village, Princess Diana fountain, TagMclaren Headquaters.  Organic rich so no need to add extra nutrients for the first year.

Certified BS 3882:2007 -- NHBC approved--

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