Landscaping and building materials Loweroak, Wrexham Chester wirral and north wales discounted Top soil gravel, slate, paving, sand and stone. Delivery in grab lorry or tipper or bulk bags






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Jobs of the month 

  •  Protect your garden 

    Stop terracotta pots from cracking by bringing them indoors or surrounding with bubble wrap.

  • Hang feeders near roses as the birds will also pick-off overwintering pests.

  • Bring watering equipment indoors so it doesn’t freeze and split.

  • Rake up fallen leaves where slugs might be lurking! This will help prevent you slipping on them too.

  • Order some rock salt to de ice your paths and use it as a weed killer, just like the Romans did! 


White Limestone
£60.00 *
Oak sleepers collected
Basic hardwearing grass seed
Rock Grit salt
More savings £70.00
£65.00 / t *
You save 7 %
Delivery local  £3. Nationwide £21